by Pastor Cindy Trimm

Deutoronomy 28:1-14

I am blessed in the city
I am blessed in the field
I am blessed in my down-setting
I am blessed in my up-rising
I am blessed socially, physically, mentally, psychologically.
I am blessed relationally, interpersonnally.
Every part of my life is blessed.
I speak into my day, I download prosperity into my days and success into my days.
I speak over these that I love, to them I speak prosperity and success.
I speak to my government that they will come into divine alignment, that they will lead morally an ethically.
I speak into my business.
I speak that my business is successful, that we are increasing, that there is no decrease.
I speak into my home, that my home is a haven of peace.
I speak into my love one,
I speak that their lives are coming back into alignment.
I decree and declare that wealth and riches is in our house.
I speak into my mind, peace.
I speak into m heart, courage.
I speak into my feet, that they are path that I can walk on, so that I can overcome the obstacles of life.
I am the head and not the tail,
I am the first and not the last,
I am above and not beneath
I am loved by God
I am chosen by God
I am protected by God today, to come into direct alignment with the plans and purposes of God.
Every good and every perfect gifts come from God.
To-day it's my life, therefore it will end good, it will end perfect in Jesus' name, Amen

It does not cost you a penny for the word coming out of your mouth, therefore say this prayer and you will experienced a whole new outlook on life
and a promise that you will never set foot in that place where there exist eternal cries of pain and disgust and anguish.

Dear God, I am a sinner against you and you alone I sinned against.
I am so sorry.
With your help, I'm going to turn from my sin.
I believe that your blood washes them all away and you have no remembrance of them anymore
and I'm clean, I'm even righteous and now that I'm clean I ask Jesus to live inside of me and be my Lord.
This is the best day of my life , I am ready for change and God is telling me how to change
and I can't get better than that (instantly God's joy and peace will forever be in my heart)